About Vismara

Vismara is not just “cured meats”.
Vismara is a world made of joy,
sharing and goodness at the table.
What is behind an extraordinary taste?
Open a Vismara product tray and enjoy our story.

Back in 1898, in Casatenovo, it was enough to hear the name Vismara to have all the friends around. It is precisely in that year that Francesco Vismara founded our company, one of the most historic in Italian delicatessen, with total respect for traditions.

Vismara begins to grow in the period between the two world wars, despite the fact that it was a very difficult moment for the Italian economy.

Vismara begins to make itself known all over the world by exporting its products to countries such as France, Germany and even Canada.

In the 1960s Vismara was widely commercialised in TV ads. It was precisely in those years that Vismara entered the homes of Italians, not only with its products, but also through television with the first advertisements. And the claim “I’m so hungry that I see Vismara” was on everyone’s lips.

Vismara is the first company in the sector to launch trays for cold cuts on the market.

Vismara is sold to Carlo De Benedetti, then owner of Buitoni.

The management passes into the hands of Nestlé which applies the typical logic of a multinational to production and management.

So good, that not even Ferrarini could resist and in 2000 acquired our company, thus bringing the historic brand back within national borders.

In 2012, we built a new production plant, one of the most technologically advanced in the sector, in the part of Casatenovo called Campofiorenzo, a few kilometres from the historic headquarters.

The Ministry for Economic Development recognizes the Vismara brand as a “Historical brand of national interest”. A recognition of our long history and the importance it had in Italian industrial history