Let yourself be amazed by the taste of our mortadella: highly selected meats, “light” flavouring and prolonged cooking.
In a word?

Mortadella Vismarissima MASTER

The historic and unmistakable Vismara mortadella, produced with carefully selected and flavoured meats according to an ancient recipe from Brianza, is known for its rich taste and its aroma when sliced. Truly irresistible. It is for this reason that it has always been appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

  • Gluten, lactose and milk protein free.

Mortadella Armonia di GUSTO (HARMONY OF TASTE)

Name and omen: from the name it is clear that “Armonia di gusto” is not a mortadella like the others.
In fact, what distinguishes it is its particularly delicate and light flavour on the palate.

  • Gluten, lactose and milk protein free.

Mortadella Re di CUORI (KING HEARTS)

Produced according to a special recipe that makes it particularly fragrant and at the same time light, the mortadella “Re Cuori” immediately stands out for its compact consistency and the consequent high cutting yield.

  • Gluten, lactose and milk protein free.


“Prosciuttella” is an original oval-cut mortadella but, in addition to the classic white cubed throat pieces, there are also pieces of lean meat in the mixture which make it particularly tasty and light.

  • Gluten, lactose and milk protein free.