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La pasta è sempre la pasta! Il nostro segreto? L’ingrediente Vismara! Come resistere?

Spontaneous herb ravioli with Neapolitan zucchini, green chilli pepper and Vismara guanciale (jowl)

  • Alta
  • 90 minuti
  • 4 porzioni


200 g fresh egg pasta
200 g Neapolitan zucchini
200 g river green chilli
100 g wild herbs (chicory, spinach, borage, chard, etc)
150 g meat broth
100 g Vismara jowl petals (product name “petali di guanciale”)
40 g butter
extra virgin olive oil to taste
Salt to taste.
garlic to taste
basil to taste


  • Clean the wild herbs and then blanch them in abundant water and cool them.
  • In a pan, gently flavour the herbs with extra virgin olive oil olive and garlic, then finely chop the herbs, add salt to meet your taste and transfer the mixture into a pastry bag.
  • Roll out the fresh pasta and make the ravioli using the previously obtained herbal compound.
  • In a saucepan, brown the jowl petals until crispy and then transfer them to absorbent paper.
  • Clean the Neapolitan zucchini and cut into pieces.
  • In a pan, lightly cook the zucchini with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and basil.
  • Then blend the zucchini until smooth and creamy salt to taste.
  • Clean the green peppers and then blanch them in abundant water.
  • In a pan, brown the peppers with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil and then centrifuge them.
  • Keep the sauce aside.
  • Cook the ravioli in plenty of suitably salted water.
  • Aside, in a pan pour the meat broth and reduce.
  • Add the ravioli to the bottom, then add a knob of butter and whisk.
  • Place the ravioli in the centre of the plate, then add the Neapolitan pumpkin cream, the green chilli sauce, the crispy bacon.
  • serve.

The long courgette or pergola courgette or green courgette has an elongated shape of light green colour and internally with a white pulp; it is typical of southern cuisine./em>

It is a true delicacy of the Campania culinary art and takes the name of “friariello” to be mainly eaten fried whole. Small in size (6/12 cm) and elongated in shape, it is marketed and consumed when it is not fully ripe, when the colour is intense green.


Chef Gennaro Esposito