Second courses

Let’s find out together the most appetizing main courses to enrich your table with Vismara;)

Saltimbocca alla romana

  • Bassa
  • 20 minuti
  • 4 porzioni


8 slices of veal
4 slices of Fresh Parma Ham Piacere Vismara
40 g of butter
dry white wine


  • Flatten the veal slices well. In the centre of each one, place half a slice of Parma Ham and a sage leaf on top of it. Secure the meat, ham and sage together, skewered with a toothpick.
  • Heat the butter in a pan and when it is bubbling add the saltimbocca in one layer. Brown over a high flame, on both sides, then season with salt and sprinkle the saltimbocca with about a quarter of a glass of wine.
  • Let it evaporate, continuing to cook for about 5 minutes. Drain the meat, place it on a plate and keep it warm.
  • Bring the cooking juices to the heat and dilute it with a ladle of hot water, letting it simmer for a minute; pour the sauce over the saltimbocca and serve.